View Full Version : Adjusting EQ for driving with windows open

09-19-2004, 01:49 AM
I dont know about you, but I drive around with my windows open until I hit speeds of 60+mph. However, I tend to lose some sound with the ambient wind noise and raising the volume makes it too loud at some frequencies. My radio lets me store 6 parametric eq profiles and switch to anyone at any time. Eclipse has a sound measurment tool which measures strength of the frequencies which is what you use to put into the E-Iserv to optimize for a flat response. I thinking of driving around with my laptop and recording the frequencies of the ambient noise, then bumping those frequencies up by 1-2 db's in the E-Iserv. Since I'll have to eyeball the curves, I can have up to 6 different combinations at once stored in the hu, so that leaves some room for trial and error.

Anyone know any sound measurement software? Does anyone know a better way of doing this?