View Full Version : Many Sensors?

09-09-2004, 04:26 PM
I am purchasing the Viper 671, along with a prox sensor, tilt sensor, and a glass break sensor, it comes with a dual stage shock sensor. I'm planning on hooking up the door triggers as well as the hook/trunk trigger as well. I belive the alarm only have 4 zones.

How am I too hook up all of my sensors without making somthing not work right?

I searched the web and found somthing about diode isolating them, anyone have anymore input for me?

_ Justin

09-14-2004, 11:54 PM
if the extra sensors you have are all dual stage sensors... then it will be necessary to splice into the shock sensor's blue and green wires... you WILL need to use diodes to isolate them... if you do not, the alarm will start to bug out; so to speak... the negative side of the diode which is the side with the line, should go towards the sensor and the other side to the alarm...
any sensor that is an instant trigger or no warning can be diose isolated to the door trigger wires. check out www.the12volt.com for more details