View Full Version : speaking of DA Hex's I think I just popped a tweeter...

09-09-2004, 01:11 PM
so I added polyfil to my sub box and was testing it out to see how it sounds now. Well I think I may have got a little careless and popped on of my tweeters. I had it turned up to about 26 out of 35 (on my Alpine HU) and it started to cutout and kinda crackle/scratchy noise came from it. So I turned it down immediatly, turned off the sub to get a closer listen to it and now at low volume it is ok but once I get toward 18+ on the volume it cuts in and out and does that scratchy/crackle noise.

so is it blown?? or maybe something else has gone wrong, maybe my crossover or amp??

The thing that gets me is I have had it to 25/26 before with no problem.