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08-17-2004, 02:01 PM
Well i was gonna get some infinity kappa, but it seems these speakers are HIGHLY? recommended.. well. there are so many models I am not sure which one to get. Basically, I am just going to have 2 cdt as my only speakers for now hooked up to a 4 channel amp us acoustics 85x4 until i decide later what else I want.

What model name is most popular for this price range?
Also. How do i know for sure the CDT will fit in a 02 sierra 6.5(6 3/4)door slot?
Another question, What are some good retailers online that sell them

08-17-2004, 02:06 PM

(brand) (CLassic) (6inch) (2way) (carbon fiber)

i hope that helps =) i had the same problem. im getting these from Tplaya07 for $150 shipped.
he is a good guy, based outta flordia and he has sold many here.

you can also get them from djdillion (spelling?) they are both members here on the forums.

both are authorized dealers for CDT. mine come with a 3 year warranty, im going to be running them off a 4x75w piece of junk amp, and i hope they sound fantastic =) i should get mine sometime next week.

hope that helped. good luck with your system. you are out to a great start (unline i was :crap: but im on the right track now! )

08-17-2004, 02:13 PM
Thanks. That helped a lot. I noticed you have CDT CL-62CF as your rear. Will these sound good as my only speakers as front stage? It is a regular cab truck so I am thinking 2 speakers is all I really need to fill good. Ahh who am i kidding, What my money allows, at the moment ;)

ps. I just got into car audio like 6 months ago, my start wasnt so great, ending up getting 4 pioneer piece of **** 50rms speakers. Although I still love my alpine 7894 headunit.

08-17-2004, 03:21 PM
heh. well i did the same with some rockford pos, then some audiobahn (cries) but i got them all for fairly cheap... and i got ripped off by a local kid for 2 10's and that pyle amp.

so now i learned my lesson about everything! heh...

i dont have the cl-62 yet. i should get them beginning of next week maybe. but for a small cab truck, they should be loud as hell. i think im gonna make an enclosure for mine cuz they are free air in the back...

at 85w, they will be CLEAN and LOUD for certain in that small place, just make sure you mout the tweets ~8" away though ... most say it dosnt matter, but i wanna listen to the pros' ya know?

reason im doing front\rear is cuz i have a sedan, and i only have stock 3.5 locations in the dash... im making fiberglass kick panels right now to mount the 5.25's - i thought that 6.5 was quite large for my front stage kicks, so i opted for the smaller size, and the larger in the back.

for your truck, i would say go for it. its $50 under your price range!