View Full Version : 4x6 speaker slots..hmm?

08-15-2004, 10:19 PM
I just got a new 02 gmc sierra the front speakers (door) are 6 3/4 thinkinf the infinity kappa 652.i but for the back (not really back just kind of earlevel on the rear pillar what should i put? they are 4x6 should i put some kind of components there or what people say components should only be in front? I don't know what to do. Also. I don't know if a sub will fit in this truck although there seems to be quite a bit of space behind seat. I have a us acoustics 4channel amp and im not sure if I want to bridge anything or have each speaker go to its own channel. Any suggestions what to do here

08-15-2004, 10:21 PM
1.they make 4x6 plates. kinda like comps becauser the speakers are seprate,
2. what kind of cab ?