View Full Version : Rockford X5

08-06-2004, 02:36 AM
Little did I know that this amplifier line was discontinued. Rockford discontinued the line because of a malfunction in the circut board. Rockford then put the remaining stock and remanufactured (supposivly fixed) amps on ebay by using the username "High Deser Audio." The amps came straight from the Rockford Fosgate Repair Factory. Anyway, I didnt have my amp for any longer than a month and it blew my Solo Baric along with the amp itself. It hit hard while it was alive. Looks great and everything. I recieved the X5 back from repairs and I didnt have my new Solo baric and X5 in my car for more than an hour and it blew another Solo Baric. The solos can handle 750 watts rms. I had the gain set right and everything. These are total rip offs. This is my first to buy from Rockford. I dont know if I will buy another Rockford product again. Just think what they could do with the future of thier products. If something didnt work out, they would try to make as much money as possible even though it failed and will fail again. I know how to setup a car stereo. I have never had any problems with the past 10 I have set up or the past 4 I have set up for myself. I am very knowlegable on car stereos.

Never buy from High Desert Audio