View Full Version : alpine 9830 prob

08-06-2004, 02:31 AM
ok, i got an alpien 9830, works perfect except when i turn the car off and then later come back i turn on my car and jsut mu bass is going(aka sub) and no speakers. on i turn the feature deafet or sumthin like that the speakers kick on then i turn the deafet back off adn everything is fine. Before i take it back it seems that things running from the rcas still work without me kicking it on, so im gona wait till i get my speakrs and amp in to see if it still does it when the amps powering the speakers before i take ti back and claim defect(because if its jsut an internal amp glitch, its not work my time) but ne ways i was wondering if anyone else was having this prob?

08-06-2004, 03:16 AM
I have a 9830, I don't use it to power any speakers. I don't use the defeat feature either. Sorry to say, I wasted your time reading this. I doubt it's a defect though, these things dont' seem too problematic. My complaint is sometimes it "freezes" if you switch from radio to mp3/cd and you have to eject and insert the cd again

08-07-2004, 10:45 PM
i have that deck in my boat, i havent had any problems yet. :bowdown: that boat is cursed, 5 subs and counting, two tweeters and three amps, the sad thing is that i didnt want the responsability to cut up my new boat so i let a professional do it. i think i just had bad luck cause this guy that i did it pushes a lot of cars and he has no unhappy customers. he might have one, but i like him cause hes a good guy.

08-08-2004, 01:53 AM
Mine does that sometimes, just switch the eq back and forth and it should come back. Mine hasn't done it in awhile though.

08-08-2004, 03:01 AM
yea, i noticed its an on and off thing i havent had it happen for like 4 days now

08-08-2004, 05:38 AM
That suprises me that such a nice deck does such a thing....

08-08-2004, 09:25 AM
yea, but for th money i love this deck, i would still recommend it to people

08-09-2004, 11:32 PM
I have ran into several at work that do it. Not sure what goin on. Ill try and contact alpine for you guys and see if i can get anything figured out.

08-09-2004, 11:44 PM
that'd be cool

08-10-2004, 12:57 AM
Ill see what i can do.