View Full Version : Help i blew my MB quart tweeters! please read I need your advice

christopher g
07-29-2004, 07:28 PM
I have my 6.5 component set hooked up to a soundstream refence 300

I believe the install shop did not use the tweeter gaurds that i brought them because the tweeters blew after about a month.

If I have tweeter capacitors on the tweeters is it still possible to blow the tweeters?

My soundstream reference 300 is powering my 6.5 component set plus the stock acura 6x9's.

I have another set of clarion tweeters and was wondering if i can use them?
they are 4ohm - i am not sure what the Mb's are, I am not really good with car audio stuff.

Is there anything i can do to protect the clarion tweeters from blowing?

also the quarts were titanium i believe can i use these clarion 200W soft dome tweeters with the mb quart crossovers?

any help is greatly appreciated!

TomZ keren
07-30-2004, 11:09 AM
yes you can use it.your amps is stable in 2 ohms already.so all you should do is just bridge with Mb's tweeter or bridging the amps.But if you bridge the amps,you need to make a custom crossover which I prefered to do.But if you're not really good at car audio stuff, it's better for to try bridging the clarion's tweeters with Mb's tweeter.
But you should take out the capasitor of Clarion's because if you still using it the sound wouldn't be good.-->too high and to quite.

If you have a problem just send an email to me
[email protected] or
[email protected]
Just let me know after you finish your "project"..