View Full Version : Someone plz Help me build a system.

07-29-2004, 07:36 AM
Hi i just bought a camaro the 90s stlye the one before the new 1. I wanted to know what everything i should put in it. Im looking for It to be decently loud but i want it to sound good its not gonna in any comps or anything. I really like alot of the kicker stuff. I was thinking about going with 2 kicker comp cvr12's kicker 6x9s and 3'inchs and the kicker resolutions in the door with the tweeters. With probley a 800.1 and a 600.1 Amp. How does this sound. Im lookign to spend around a grand to build it. Is there anything i should or shouldent get. Do i need midbass speakers or what. PLz help any comments are help. I had to L7s in the trunk of my cavilair and that was way to much bass it over powered my ****** unamped sony speakers.

07-29-2004, 01:52 PM
wow, 2 L7's with unamped sonys. how the hell did that sound???

ne ways, for a grand u could build a pretty decent sounding system. what r u mainly looking towards sq or spl?? well it looks like u still like kicker, but as for me, ive only had good experiences with their amps. never tried their comps but their subs did get insanely loud sacrificing much needed sq. and why r u suggesting two monoblocks??(600.1 & 800.1)
just go with the resolutions upfront powered by a 100 x 2 amp (kx400.2 i think) , 6 x 9's in the rear powered off ur deck, and the 600 mono powering ur 2 subs giving 300 apiece wired parallel.