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07-29-2004, 04:00 AM
I have Infinity Kappa 6.5" components in sealed fiberglass enclosures in the door, and they don't really play very loud below 125hz, so there is a pretty noticeable gap between my sub and components. I bought a used ID8 and hooked it up as a midbass yesterday replacing my 6x9s, and it sounded good, I could play a sweep and it would play the whole thing without too much variation. I was running 200wrms to it though... and today I was playing with the gain and had it up too much, clipped waves + 200wrms = pop, that didn't last long...

Anyways, I'm going to need something to fill that gap... I had the 8 crossed over with a 75hz hpf and 200hz lpf. I think I would like to go with either 2 6 1/2" or 2 8" drivers. They will have to go in the rear. I'm kinda leaning towards Koda 6s, I've heard good things about them, plus Adire's local.

What do you guys suggest? How do the Kodas sound, do you think they would do the trick? Or do you think I should just save and get a better pair of components?

07-29-2004, 04:01 AM
get the koda comps.

07-29-2004, 02:06 PM
i 2nd the kodas. or if u have the space, the dynas with the 7' or 8' three ways. pretty **** nice set. midbass and midrange heaven