View Full Version : How should I mount rear 6x9's?

07-02-2004, 07:02 PM
Currently, I have my 6x9's mounted in sealed MDF boxes, and the boxes have rails on the sides, and then mounted by self-tappers to the rear deck, in the stock locations. The speakers are 4-way Pioneer 6x9's purchased years ago, hooked up to a Jenson 200.2 amp. For some reason, they don't really have that much punch, hardly any really. Now my buddy has some Kenwood 6x9's mounted directly in the stock locations in his 73' Lincoln, with an amp (not sure what), but they really have a lot of punch, with no enclosure what so ever. They could almost sound like 8" woofers, not quite, but close.

So is it possible my Pioneers have seen better days, or is mounting 6x9's in a sealed box (not a factory box) not the way to go? Otherwise, the speakers sound really great and can get really loud in the boxes. I put them in the boxes because when I first installed them without them, it sounded really ******. Some people have commented on how they like how I have them in the boxes. Is this not a common thing to do your 6x9's? So how do y'all do it, and what's yours sound like?

07-02-2004, 07:12 PM
well back in the day when i used to run 6x9's they sounded better in the rear deck (yes i did listen to them both ways). if i were you i would either ditch rear speakers all together or go with some 6.5's because the round speaker will give you a little better midbass then 6x9's.

07-03-2004, 12:38 PM
I have Infinity Kappa 6x9s in the rear in sealed MDF boxes. I haven't listened to them out of the box though. My Kappa 6x9s have quite a bit more mid-bass then my Kappa 6 1/2" components... They definitely have a "punch". When I can afford it I would like to move the Kappa 6 1/2s to the rear for fill and put some nicer components in the doors though. Maybe 3-way because I have mounts for a 6 1/2", 4", and tweeter.