View Full Version : punch 4080 to power cl61a's?

07-01-2004, 07:43 PM
hey guys i recently got a 1993 model rockford fosgate 4080 dsm amp. I got it at no cost so i want to put it in good use. I was wondering if you guys would know anything about this amp. I cant find any information for it online anywhere. All that i know that it is 4 channels. I plan on using it to power a pair of cdt cl61a's that i just ordered from thezeb. It says that it puts out 60 watts x 4 at 14.4volts . Im assuming if i bridge the channels to make it 2 channels it would put out at least 180 watts for each channel. Would it still be ok to power the cl61's with more than 180 watts even though they its recomeneded rms is 90 watts for the speakers?

The reason i assume that they put out more than 180 watts each channel bridged is because i saw a couple of cars on sounddomain that used the punch 4080 to power subs. but i couldnt find any other informatin about them. Thanks for the help guys. Any input is appreciated.

PV Audio
07-02-2004, 01:41 PM
i wouldn't try it. test it out though.