View Full Version : is this rite? (port size)

06-26-2004, 04:32 AM
i am using Winisd to try and figure out my ports and what note...well ok my box is gunna be 2.25ft^3 and i would like to tune it to 35 hz. it says for a 1 inch dia port that it only needs to be 1.55" long?...for some reason that doesnt seem rite to me. my sub is an MTX RT12-04. i am giving it like 300 watts rms rite now with a Profile 600msx. any help is very helpful

also should i tune it to 35 hz or should i tune it lower. i listen to all Rap and hip hop. and want some loud bass
thanks ahead of time

06-26-2004, 02:52 PM
The larger diameter port the longer the port will have to be. The larger diameter port the better, there is less chance of noise from air moving through it.

You probably don't want to use a 1" diameter port... Something like two 3" ports should be more than enough for that sub.

If you want better sound quality, and really low bass tune to something like 30hz, if you want more SPL (loudness/output), tune to something higher. I would tune low, I don't think that sub is really a SPL sub, and I think your running more than rated power to it, so keep the gain on your amp down.

I think in a 2.25ft^3 enclosure, with 2 - 3" ports, tuned to 35hz, the ports would be something like 11" long, and tuned to 30hz, the ports would be something like 16" long, although you would have to calculate in the displacement of the speaker.

*EDIT* - Actually, that sub has a FS (resonance frequency) of 31.3hz, so tune at least a little higher than that, 33hz+ is great.

06-26-2004, 03:42 PM
well the subs are gunna be inverted...just for the coolness factor...well i decidede that i will run 2-3"x13" ports giving me 33 hz...thank you guys for your help