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06-25-2004, 03:21 PM
Oh my God, it just isnt meant for me to compete at this local competiton today. ALL this week i been working hard to get my system up. Had everything planned out, now i knew everything wasnt going to fall in line, but i thought i was prepared. The show was suppose to been held on the 18th... Rain pushed it back a week, which is today. My new alternator was suppose to been in my hands by the 18. It never showed up. So i thought i was lucky that i had a extra week. That way my alternator would be in for sure and i could build me a comp. box instead of my 29hz daily. Anywayz, I spent all day sunday testing certain things and finding out my Resonant frequency. Monday, i started my box plans on paper. Tuesday i bought all my box building materials. (oh and by the way, my alternator still hasnt gotten to my house by tuesday. It was suppose to been in my hands by the 18th) Anyways, tuesday started building my box, almost got done and i noticed my sides was off. I forgot to take off three quarters of a inch in my drawing, and i dont own any kind of saw, so i had to stop production. But it was fine. it was only tuesday, and my neighboor has lots of tools he dont mind me borrowing. So i got in touch with him, tuesday night and he said i could use them tomorrow. Well he ended up being gone all day Wed. So Wed was a waste of a day. And my alternator still havent arrived. I talked to him Thursday, and he said he was busy but he will be glad to cut them for me and leave them on my porch. So that was fine... Thursday also, my alternator still havent arrived. Well, today is the big day.. My neighbor called me early this morning, with my sides done. So i figured i still dont have my alternator which i was suppose to have a week ago, but i might as well still go since i put all this work into my box. Finished my box up early this morning, and been letting it dry. Well, i figured i should listen to it first before i wait too late and find out it didnt sound well and my other box sounded better. I went to go pick the heavy MOFO up, try to slide it in my trunk.... What do you know. It didnt fit. It almost fits. When i say almost, it almost fits. I mean, if it was less than half an inch shorter, then i would of been fine. Would of slid on through perfectly.... Oh and UPS man still havent came with my alternator. Dont know if its going to be here today or not. So if i do go compete, its going to be with my daily box tuned to 29hz, and last time i hit 142.3 and only thing i've done so far was dynamated my trunk and upgraded my 4 gauge to 0 gauge. Oh well, im pissed and had to vent

06-25-2004, 03:23 PM
it will be ok... breathe


06-25-2004, 03:47 PM
Maybe it is meant for you not to go. LOL

06-25-2004, 06:49 PM
Man its almost 6 oclock and UPS still havent showed up with my alternator. Registration started at 5. Its 10min to 6 now. I went ahead and put my daily box back in. I wonder if they will let me enter a lil late. Oh well, its just a comp. :bawling:

Bumpin' Yota
06-26-2004, 12:35 AM
So how did you do?

if the same meter (guessing new TL) and assuming the wire gained you more than the LOSS sound deadening gave you, I'll guess a 142.5

06-26-2004, 12:17 PM
dont feel bad Karleon ive had the same frustrations. I built a box it was like an inch too high. No one accounted for the floor not being even in my trunk (including me didnt see it lol). We hook up my mtx amp with my used head unit and find out one amp has a humming noise so i call mtx and get a price to fix. Then later by chance i sell my used head unit and buy an alpine cd instead only to find out the amp that was bad now works and i had a bad preout on the old headunit so i had to tell the guy buying it and lower the price. Then i decide to buy a batcap after having the install finished wiring wise and tucked only to find i have to redo it to get the batcap hooked up right. Then to top it off after installing the subwoofer i find out it doesnt hit hard enough in the 4 cf box and i need a 6 cf box but because of where my amp rack is and how we wasted space i dont have the room depth wise so now if i want to use that subwoofer in that box we have to move the amp rack somehow. Anyway thought youd enjoy hearing a fellow bassheads similar struggles lol.


in search of bass

06-26-2004, 01:30 PM
awww man, to top my day off. I finally decided i wasnt going to show up. Then my friend was there and kept calling me, talking about how i had hardly any competiton in my class. So i decided to throw my old 29hz daily box in my trunk. Wired everything up real quick. On my way there, im setting up my cd player. Some reason the bass wasnt hittin hard like usually. So i got to the car show, opened up my trunk. One speaker hitting way noticably harder than the other. Im pissed. I guess i was in such a rush, i screwed my wiring up inside my box. and didnt have a drill on hand. So after all that, i didnt even get the chance to compete with my old set up. Sad thing is, i would of placed second. (going by my old score) The plus thing though, some people remembered me from the last one. And they wanted me to be part of them. Team OSC. i dont know how big they are, but he looked at my setup. talked to me for a while. and he said he would give me a call sometime. But thats the only good thing that happened

Bumpin' Yota
06-26-2004, 08:05 PM
nuts. It happens though. Next time try to have everything done the week before the show. That way you have 7 days to iron out any bugs and do some fine tuning that will gain you quite a bit.