View Full Version : how can I tell how much cu. after displacement I have

06-22-2004, 02:17 AM
ok I'm trying to figure it out how many cu. ft. will I have after sub displacement in my ported box ok here's an eg.

38 wide x 15 height x 17 deep out of 3/4 mdf with 2- 4"round pvc ports tuned at 32hz according to this it came out 4.42 cu total.before displacement here's where I'm kinda of cunfused... can someone help me out on this thanks

ok will this be ok for 2 hx2 punch series dvc 4 ohms ???

06-22-2004, 02:38 AM
i have 2 punch hx2 12's in a box that is 32x20x16 and after port, sub, and bracing displacements it came out to like 4.05 cu.ft.

(subs are .1 cu.ft. each, port is .04 cu.ft., and bracing is .44 cu.ft.)

your box should be like 4.42 cu.ft. before displacements, and about 3.75ish after displacements so your subs will be fine, they need at least i think 1.75 cu.ft each

i think rockford reccomends 1.25 cu.ft. sealed and 2 cu.ft. ported and thats close enough

this website should help you figure it all out