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04-24-2015, 02:02 AM
So last January my buddy got his drivers license an being 17 he wanted a better sound system than the paper-plate-speaker system that was already in there. I told him that if he got the head unit I'd get get him a sub and amp and install it for him. I know what you are thinking, " oh man this kid is probably "that friend" who says he's really good at installs, but isn't really." But I'm not that bad I used butt connectors and heat shrink where needed. It looks fairly clean too.

Anyways back to the system. So he goes and gets a nice little Kenwood head-unit and the dash kit for the ranger and I round up an old pioneer sub of mine and whip up a 1 cube ported box for this 10". We got it installed in like an hour and a half, not bad.

I've been talking about getting a Sundown Audio sub for quite some time but haven't been down to the states to pick one up. My buddy is going with his mom to Seattle and is going to go get one. Of course it has to be when money is tight for me so I can't afford one (or two :)). Anyways, he doesn't have the time to make a box that will properly fit in his little ford ranger, so he has asked me to build one for him. Of course I'll do it!

I've come up with a ~3.5 cu ft box that is tuned to about 32-33 Hz that should fit behind the passenger seat.

Any knowledge of similar builds, tips and/or tricks for a successful install would be appreciated :)

PS. I'll be updating with pics of the box along the way. Along with install too.

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04-26-2015, 10:29 PM
If his is a single cab then we have the same truck, he's gonna lose a lot of legroom there. Also, just by what you said without looking at the measurements, the box is a little too big. Try between 2.8 or 3.2, depending on port displacement.