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03-25-2015, 06:25 PM
I purchased a New Mirage (super affordable new car and super small) about 3 months ago. I converted my JBL components/kenwood excelon 797/mtx sub all to my Jeep Cherokee that sounds okay.

I want to do a basic sound system on my Mirage while retaining my factory head unit (bluetooth pandora usb aux hands free calling steering controls). I don't mind my factory stereo for what it is, it is actually decent for a car window sticked at 15,000. The stock 140 watt radio and 4 door mounted 6'' speakers have enough bass to shake the mirrors and almost get loud enough.. just not enough.

I was thinking about cheap component speakers ($75 a pair or less hopefully) 6.5s, a small 10'' subwoofer for the trunk and a 5 channel amplifier.

I had a lot of advise to get the precision power.

Not sure what for the sub woofer, maybe even a under seat model or mold something for my hatchback? I wish I could just go to a car audio shop and have it done but $$$$ forces me to do it myself.

Maybe a two sets of Pyle PLG6C that are 30 a set (super cheap) and use the money for a decent 5 channel Precision Power i640

03-25-2015, 06:41 PM
no, no, no, and oh yea NO. if you want cheap thats what youll get cheap, and headaches.
Lc6i--> $140
ppi 900.4----> around $200 used or if you find new but doubt it
soundqubed hds208----> $120
jbl p660, or IA 65cs, or any component set in the $100 range.--->$100
knukoncepts amp cca amp kit--->$35
extra set of short rcas----$10
tline or ported box shipped to you around $200 hit up CSCStang on here he has tlines for 8" subs on lock