View Full Version : 2- 6x9 at 4ohm or at 2ohms ? need some advice on this

06-17-2004, 03:21 AM
ok If I have a pair of kenwoods 6x9 55 rms, I want to run them at 2ohms to get most out of a 4 channel amp ( pioneer gxm-374) it's 35rms at 4 ohms x 4, & 50 rms x 4 at 2ohms should I try this would it sound a bit louder and cleaner than running them at 4 ohms? ,,,,

the other b channel I will be running them at 4 ohms since I will use 5-1/4 spkrs. for the doors...

Ok just to make sure if I wire +to+ & -to- it's at 2ohm load correct ??
do i just hook up to 1 channel, either left or right or both are used ?? not quite sure on this ,? can some one explain a bit thanks

since it's a 4 channel amp all using the hpf switch

06-21-2004, 12:08 AM
just wire each speaker 2 a channel... if u wire 2 speakers to a channel @ 2 ohms... that's 50 watts... to both speakers combined... u'd be better off running to each channel and get 35w instead of 25...