View Full Version : making my box look better

06-15-2004, 02:50 PM
i was thinking about getting a pair of those apc license plate led lights and bolting them inside my enclosure adjacent to the 3" pvc ports son when you pop the trunk the ports glow inside but i don't know if the light would spread out enough to give the desired effect like a neon light would. (this would be cheaper, easier to install and 2 little leds would rob less current from my system than neon tubes.
What would be the best way to vinyl wrap the enclosure leaving the front baffle uncovered,(want to stain that black ash to resemble a home audio enclosure)

how could i cut some brushed aluminum look abs sheets (the ones from selectproducts.com) in rings the thickness of the walls of the pvc ports.

06-15-2004, 05:32 PM
You could use a dremil cutting wheel, or anthing along that line. If you have an advance auto parts store, they stock a led kit that contains 6 to 8 leds already wired up. It may give you more light than the 2 you are taking about.

I installed leds on my motorcycle and it took a crap load of them to do the same job as a few tubes of neon would have done. the other choice is go to radio shack. They sell an LED that by itself (yes 1 led) almost matches the output of a small neon tube. You will have to get a resistor, and know how to solder, but the led only costs 2 dollars.

I would use a good glue to secure the wrap with.