View Full Version : Fiberglassing Newb!!!! help me

06-14-2004, 11:47 PM
I know how to use fiberglass and all that great stuff, i built a sub box outta it and stuff. But for sum reason im lost. I want to fiberglass a few interior pieces. So tell me if this is right:

1. Cover original piece in tinfoil
2. Apply a mixture of resin and hardener and let harden up...a few layers???
3. Take off the mold and then place matt/cloth to it?
4. Trip it all up

now is that right? And how do i go about making the fiberglassed piece fit into the area like a stock(original) piece?

I dont know if this is confusing for you guys, but i hope some of you get what im saying.


06-14-2004, 11:53 PM
well I make pices for mustangs that replace the glove box to fit a PS2 so maybe I can help, I use masking tape and aluminum foil to mask off the area of the dash that will be the base, then put a layer of resin/hardner and finberglass liketwo layers, after that drys I make the house for the PS2 go over it and the base with a piece of fleece like material and the resin and fiberglass, then ya know sand bondo paint it stays in place by bolting up where the glove box latch did, using the stock brakets and bolts is alot eaiser than trying to make something stay check out the Fiberglassed Mustang thread to see it.