View Full Version : Anyone have/had Crystal Comps?

06-14-2004, 05:58 AM
Has anyone had or does anyone have Crystal Comps? Like the CSC-50S or the CSC-60S?

How do they sound? I'm most interested in their SQ.

Thanks for any feedback

06-26-2004, 10:11 PM
i would like to know this also.

06-28-2004, 04:03 PM
As point of reference, the speakers I own are: Viper 650.2, CDT CL6's, Crystal

I used to run the older Crystal's, the CPE model and they were good. I then upgraded the mids to the CSC version (since from what I found out, the x-over and tweeters were basically the same.) The CSC's are simply better. They have got to be one of my favorite bang for the buck speakers.

The Crystal CSC-60S's are good sq comps. They get loud, handle more than their rated power well, have tight midbass, and very clear sound. The midbass isn't as strong as CDT CL's, but it is more controlled. If you run a sub, this won't matter. Imaging has also been quite good even in stock door locations. I run mine w/ 160watts rms @ around 80hz. I'm just careful with the gains.