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machine 85
11-27-2014, 01:02 PM
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Im.looking for a massive audio dmx stage 2 quad 1 ohm sub'or anything like it tht can be ran separately at 1 ohms I.have $ - & a huge amount of caraudio equipment from late 1997 to present all of which is top end brands I.cleaned out a old boomer.mc.cloud audio equipment store in my state of providence r.I and I.was given the option of keeping all the old back stock and anything else left in the stores storage unit or get paid for the work I.was going converting the old car audio store to a babar shop I took chance on the basement and the storage units and found so much.car audio equipment I.could Easley open a small store lol.I.have the following brands
Earthquake ph2000d amps
Earthquake phd3 destroyer amps
Earthquake magma subs
Earthquake dbxi 12s dual 4 ohms subs
Earthquake 7000pxi.eq
Earthquake cross overs
Earthquake 1000watt tnt amps
Audio control epicenter
Massive audio summo subs
Power bass xxl.the old school version.not the one with the red or white image o. The cone mine have a p.b andbox around it ther 1000'watt 600-rms and im very surprised buy the way thy sound thy hammer..
Earthquake mids highs tweeters
Precision power 250hc amp
Boston acoustic amp
Sound stream amps
To.msny.6x9s to list tons of boxes old school fosgate dual 12 ported box with the fosgate logo design on the metal tht covers the.middle port its wired for 2000 watts ifanyone has a good working massive audio dmx stage 2 quad 1 ohm sub or anything else that is a 1 ohm sub tht can.be ran separately on its own amp please message me any time ill trade for it buy it partial trade w.e I have to do thanks for every ones time happy thanksgiving much for Mike aka machine 85

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01-28-2015, 03:17 PM
if you are interested i have a 15" massive dmx stage 2 quad 1 ohm with the carbon cap.