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08-26-2014, 01:15 PM
To order a drop-in re-cone assembly e-mail [email protected] (mailto:[email protected]) -- do not e-mail my "sundownz" address if you need a quick response.To reduce back-and-forth e-mails ALWAYS include the following :

1) What you are ordering -- Model, Coil Configuration, Etc.
2) If you already have a basket or not; please check below for any special notes.
3) If you need ANY custom options please specify up front.
5) A picture of what you have goes a long way to be SURE we are talking about the same thing.
6) When you send payment include ALL details of your drop-in on the notes(model, size, coil configuration, options, etc)

IT WILL TAKE, ON AVERAGE, 3-4 weeks for a built item like a drop-in to be completed. It may take longer depending on how busy our build department is -- please keep this in mind. Updates will NOT be sent along the way -- an update will occur when the product is shipped.

You can e-mail us to check on the status; [email protected] (mailto:[email protected]); an exact completion time is not available but we can confirm if it is done, in process, or is in the shipping area.

These are fully BUILT real "drop-in" assemblies -- you shim them out, glue them in, and attach a dust cap so there is a bit of a lead time. We do not ship out a box of loose parts! Thanks for your patience .


Update (8-26-14) :

There are a few guy out there that can build our drop-ins (OEM style or customized) as they are authorized to buy our parts if you are in a hurry and our lead time is too long -- you must order through them and do all contact / follow-up with them. Doing business with any of the following builders is completely separate from doing business direct with us and their pricing may vary from ours; but I can say we have done business with all of these guys for many years now and we are comfortable with their work. They all have good feedback on the forums as well :

David Moore ("TeamPSI" on CACO) -- Mississippi -- Info @ FixMySpeaker.com

Thomas Moen ("iamsonic" on CACO) -- Iowa -- moenthomasr @ yahoo.com

Corey Dean ("SPLaudio" on Forums) -- New York -- splaudio78 @ hotmail.com

David Leib ("FLAstrongman" on CACO) -- Florida -- flastrongman @ gmail.com


EDIT 8/30/11 : WE CANNOT WARRANTY DIY RE-CONE ASSEMBLY ISSUES. Read and understand this -- if you are not 110% sure about re-coning the driver ask us or send it in. We can ONLY stand behind labor that we perform. Manufacturing defects in the kit itself are of course our responsibility but installation is 100% the customer responsibility. This includes ticking, broken parts, etc.

EDIT 10/14/13 : MAKE SURE to check your re-cone BEFORE installing it for complete accuracy. This includes using a DMM to make sure you received the correct voice coil configuration. As this is a DIY process everyone performing a drop-in should have access to a multi-meter. If there is a mistake on the kit we need to know BEFORE you glue it all in place!!! Once the kit is glued into place we will not be be liable for any errors in it's construction. CHECK IT OVER FIRST. If it is not correct we will issue a call tag for it and build you the correct kit for you ASAP.

Also... any CHANGES to a drop-in order must be done in the form of a new order. We will no longer CHANGE an existing drop-in order without refunding the original payment and creating an entirely new order so that ALL of your details are IN WRITING on the payment slip from Paypal. There will be absolutely NO changes to drop-in orders on the phone!!! Changing existing orders and making any adjustments on the phone open up too many possibilities for errors.


This thread over-rides any prior quotes or costs.

These prices are the same for everyone; Team, dealer, customer, etc.

All costs + SH charges.


KITS DO NOT include shims or glue. White paper trimmed / stacked to spec works perfectly for shimming -- use enough where it is snug but not so tight you can barely get the coil in the gap.

For glue we suggest Loc-Tite 5-minute epoxy with mixing tubes (http://www.loctiteproducts.com/p/epxy_5min/overview/Loctite-Epoxy-Instant-Mix-5-Minute.htm)to glue the spider to the frame (MAKE SURE to sand it first) and we suggest Amazing Goop (http://www.biosafe-inc.com/all_purpose.htm) or E6000 (http://www.amazon.com/E6000-Adhesive-3-7-Fluid-Ounce/dp/B00178MO58) for the surround and dust cap (sand frame for surround and rough up the glue surface of the dust cap with sand paper as well). These can be purchased from Lowes or Home Depot very commonly and some Wal-Mart and Craft Stores. We can sell CA glue by request but it typically is not very cost effective for the end user.

Most kits DO NOT include the solder tabs that attach to the terminals; these should be RE-USED. Simply cut off any heat-shrink (if present) and de-solder the old lead wire from the tab. Make sure the terminal post is still tight; and then re-solder the new lead to the tab. If you require new tabs you will need to order a complete terminal to get them.


The frame price comes with gasket and terminals -- but if you need any plastic spacers those are extra and you must request them.


MODEL -- RE-CONE Price -- FRAME Price

E8 v.2 (or v.1) -- $28.00 -- $5.00
* D2 / D4 available Stock
* MUST buy basket to re-cone a v.1 model

E8 v.3 -- $30.00 -- $5.00
* D2 / D4 Available

E-10 -- $35 -- $10
E-12 -- $35 -- $10
E-15 -- $45 -- $10
* D2 / D4 Available

!!!FOR SA-8 KITS SEE THIS THREAD (http://www.caraudioclassifieds.org/forum/sundown-audio/125305-what-version-sa-8-do-you-have.html) TO DETERMINE WHAT MODEL YOU HAVE. WE MUST HAVE THIS INFO TO MAKE THE CORRECT KIT!!!

SA-8 v.1 or v1.5 -- $32.00 -- $10.00
* MUST SPECIFY v.1 or v1.5 when ordering !!!
* D2 / D4 available Stock
* CCAW 4-layer D2 or D4 SPL Coils Available No Extra Charge (these are lighter but can still be used daily as the gap is not tighter than stock)
* These kits now ship standard with a round lead wire that is more rugged

SA-8 v.2 -- $50.00 -- $15.00
* D2 / D4 available Stock
* SA-8 v.2 Kits Available with SPL 8-layer D1 Coil for $20.00 Extra (Very tight gap and may tick slightly at high excursion)
* CCAW 4-layer D2 or D4 SPL Coils Available No Extra Charge (these are lighter but can still be used daily as the gap is not tighter than stock)
* Extra Spiders Available for $5.00 Extra Each for a MAX of FIVE (stock is two); DO NOT order extra spiders for anything but SPL

SD-2 8 -- $40.00 -- $15.00
* D2 or D4
* You CANNOT change the impedance of your SD-2 8" -- you must order the same coil as it originally had; the D2 and D4 gaps are different.

SD-2 10 -- $35.00 -- $15.00
SD-2 12 -- $35.00 -- $18.00
* D2 / D4 available

SA-10 -- $40.00 -- $15.00
SA-12 -- $40.00 -- $18.00
SA-15 -- $50.00 -- $21.00
* SA-10/12/15 add $20.00 for SPL Coils (D1,D2,D4) -- they are 8-layer flat aluminum
* D2 / D4 available in stock copper
* Add $10 for an extra spider layer (stock is 2-layers; we also have 3-layers)

NSv1 12 -- $100.00 -- $25.00
NSv1 15 -- $110.00 -- $30.00
NSv1 18 -- $120.00 -- $40.00
* 3H Nightshade Spiders Stock
* Add $10.00 for double leads
* Z v.3 Spider Available No Extra Charge
* Z v.4 Spider Pack Add $10
* NS v.3 Spider Pack Add $20
* D1 / D2 Available

NSv2 12 -- $130.00 -- $25.00
NSv2 15 -- $140.00 -- $30.00
NSv2 18 -- $150.00 -- $40.00
* 3H Nightshade Spiders Stock
* Add $10.00 for double leads
* Z v.3 Spider Available No Extra Charge
* Z v.4 Spider Pack Add $10
* NS v.3 Spider Pack Add $20
* D1 / D2 Available (SPL COIL Available)

Zv2 12 -- $100.00 -- $25.00
Zv2 15 -- $110.00 -- $30.00
Zv2 18 -- $120.00 -- $40.00
* Copper or Aluminum Coils Available
* Z v.3 Spider Pack Now Standard (5/1/12)
* Z v.4 Spider Pack Add $10
* NS v.3 Spider Pack Add $20
* D1 / D2 Available

Z v.3 10" -- $115.00 -- $20.00
Z v.3 12" -- $115.00 -- $25.00
Z v.3 15" -- $125.00 -- $30.00
Z v.3 18" -- $135.00 -- $40.00
* D1 / D2 Available (SPL COIL Available)
* Add $10 for Z v.4 Spider Pack or "Traditional" 3H NS Pack
* NS v.3 Spider Pack Add $20
* The 10/12 models use a different coil than the 15/18 models
* The SPL coil can ONLY be used on the 10/12 with the "Traditional" 3H NS Pack

!!!! IMPORTANT NOTE : YOU MUST USE OUR NEWEST 12-spoke 15" FRAMES TO USE THE Z v.3, v.4, X OR NS v.3 SPIDER PACKS !!!! They are 8 3/8" spiders and require a modified top landing. The other spiders for 10/12 and the 18 are compatible with any 12-spoke / 6-spoke that I am aware of.

Also -- the NS cone will NOT be offered on ANY drivers with a v.3 style spider pack in 15s or 18s. The v.3 spiders (Z v.3 and NS v.3) can exceed the mechanical limits of the NS style cones in these sizes

08-26-2014, 01:15 PM


MODEL -- RE-CONE Price -- FRAME Price

X-10 -- $130.00 -- $50.00
X-12 -- $135.00 -- $60.00
X-15 -- $140.00 -- $80.00
X-18 -- $155.00 -- $50.00
* 18" Use the Standard 6-Spoke Frame w/ a 257mm Spider Adapter; the $50 frame price includes this adapter
* D2 and D4 Coils Available (CCAW Round Wire)
* Add $10.00 for Z v.4 Stiffness Spider
* Add $20.00 for NS v.3 Stiffness Spider
* Add $20.00 for XL Leads
* Add $20.00 for NS v.3 coil option (D1 or D2)

Z v.4 10 -- $150.00 -- $50.00
Z v.4 12 -- $155.00 -- $60.00
Z v.4 15 -- $160.00 -- $80.00
Z v.4 18 -- $175.00 -- $50.00
* 18" Use the Standard 6-Spoke Frame w/ a 257mm Spider Adapter; the $50 frame price includes this adapter
* D1 and D2 Coils Available
* Softer X Spider Available - NO EXTRA CHARGE
* Add $20.00 for XL Leads
* Add $10.00 for NS v.3 Stiffness Spider

NS v.3 10 -- $165.00 -- $50.00
NS v.3 12 -- $170.00 -- $60.00
NS v.3 15 -- $175.00 -- $80.00
NS v.3 18 -- $190.00 -- $50.00
* D1 or D2 Coils Available
* Add $20.00 for XL Leads
* Softer X or Z v.4 spiders available -- NO EXTRA CHARGE

* -- Both the X and Z v.4 kits / Frames can be retrofit into the NS v.1, NS v.2, and Z v.3 motors; these motors cannot handle the FULL capacity of the new soft parts so a hard bottom is possible.

** -- SPL kits are in development with a different cone and spider type. Pricing is TBA on those.

*** -- The Z v.2 motor bolt pattern is compatible with the new platforms as well but you must be aware of hard bottom possibility at 41mm one-way.

* The new baskets are BOLT PATTERN compatible with any of our 3" coil motors to-date. They use the standard 127mm pattern so can be used on MANY other products.