View Full Version : Hey fellow Audiophiles from Beaverton Oregon : )

08-10-2014, 03:47 AM
Just getting back into car audio again after over 10 years or so . Always loved 2 channel and Home Theater and have been mainly using that for my Therapy lol and relaxation . Seemed to be spending more time in my car with travel time to and from work and other trips in my car . So figured it was time to add some entertainment to my travels . I just had a system installed today in my little 4dr hatchback by my local audio shop and I must Say they did a fine job on the install, and explaining the setup and demo after the install . They also met my needs perfectly as far as budget and what I was looking for . I explained I was looking for a articulate sounding system that hit hard but not overwhelming bass that sounded sloppy or "Boomy" . They suggested The Alpine 148Bt head unit, JL Audio XD700/5v2 5 ch amp, some Hertz coax rear speakers . I already had some focal coax fronts with Dynamat installed in the front doors that I've been running with the stock stereo for a few years "The Hertz rear speakers they reccomended" blend perfectly with my Focal fronts .I ended up changing my mind and upgrading the first sub I choose a JL Audi power Wedge 8w3v3 the morning of the install to a JL Audio H.O Wedge 10W6V3 . The system sounds amazing and couldn't be happier ! I highly reccomend this setup for a very nice entry level system that provides outstanding SQ and bang for the buck and still hits pretty hard and very articulate to my ears anyway .
Big thanks to my Local Stereo King for there top-notch customer service and guidance !
Well anyway just wanted to say hi to everyone and share my experience : )