View Full Version : Orion H2 15" enclosure HELP!

06-06-2004, 01:22 AM
I just bought a 15" H2 and need to build a ported box for an SQL set-up.
Tried searching but with no prevail....I would like to it fit inbetween the side humps and over the middle hump.. Help please!!!



31"W (don't exceed)
16"H - (required for 15" sub? if not then i prefer it as small as possible because I want to make feet/stands under the box so it can fit over the hump)
D - (the smaller the dept the better, try and not to exceed 14" because i would like trunk space)

Let me know if these dimensions work.

A blueprint would help immensely!
I heard a 3cubic @30hz ported box would work well with it.

Can any of you guys can draw a blueprint real quick of a 3cubic @30hz ported box, ready to start building...... Thanks!

pimp c
06-06-2004, 09:15 PM
i had a similar problem with a 12.2 orion h2, the shop i get all my stuff from called orion, since they are a authorized dealer and gave them my box size restrictions, box cost me about 60 dollars. I metered it for the first time today and hit a 148.6 legal which on that mic beat two mtx 9500 12's by about 3 dbs. And of everyone who went metered legal i had the highest score except for one guy hit a 149.7, but no one else was within 1.5dbs. I'm runnin a 1200d on it. But like i said u may wanna go to an authorized dealer and get them to call orion or maybe try calling them urself, b/c they included the technical service number in their h2 packaging.