View Full Version : (4) SA8s or (3) SA10s?

05-22-2014, 08:11 PM
Right now i am running 2 SA-12's tuned to 35 in 4 cubes on a T1500bdcp at 1 ohm. I am loving it but had this setup for a while and am ready for a new sound. I enjoyed building the enclosure and this has become a bit of a hobby. I am buying a SAZ 2500v2 and want to know what difference I can expect between the option listed below. Anyone with experience or an educated guess, please chime in;

Note: Current setup faces forward into sedan, aero port fires through rear deck into backglass.
Next build will have slot port instead of aero and all firing forward into cabin

Option A; 3 SA-10's
Option B; 4 SA-8's