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Hello all,
Happy to be a new member here! I got here by reading up on the newer technology since I have been out of the loop for some years. So heres my story:
I quit building car audio in the late 80s after my best system was systematically stolen over the course of 3 nights. I even had the dash pried to pieces, doors ripped apart, amps pried from the trunk and the column peeled. Needless to say I was not only out the equipment, the car was totalled.
But now I'm in a nicer area and have better security I caught the bug again once I was basically forced to update my car's system. I have a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT Spyder convertable, which is what I found out to be well known for blowing out the stock amp. For some reason they put it on the floor under the passenger seat where all the water goes when the top leaks or snow melts. I had already replaced the amp once and the front speakers which the blown amp took out. Now the amp went again after a heavy rain, so figured it was time to upgrade and relocate the components.
I thought I would just get a nice aftermarket amp, and after shopping around at maybe 20 plus stores, I was directed to Elite Electronics in Milwaukee. They had all top shelf items there, which was a lot more than I wanted. But was told that they also had a big selection of good, less expensive amps at their local flea market booth on weekends. Sure enough, that weekend I got a nice Quantum QXA4160.4 4 channel amp. Not competition grade to be sure, but enough to push the speakers I had pretty good, and at a really good price.
Unfortunately after install I found out that once again the shorted amp had taken out one of my new door speakers, leaving me with one corner buzzing like a giant drunken fly. OK, so I decided to research a bit and happened to read some good reviews on Hertz speakers. I had never heard them, or of them before, but the specs looked great and seemed to be highly regarded dollar for dollar. I just was not sure I wanted to spend that much.
Once again I stopped over at Elite and talked to the owner who told me that in his opinion Herts were the best, and not just some overpriced name. So I got the HSK 165XL component set (Tweeters, 6 1/2 mids, and crossovers) for the front and the HCX 690 6x9s for the rear. I found they were not exactly direct drop in replacements in my car as the mids and 6x9s have heavy oversize baskets and big magnets making for extra depth. I had to modify a lot to get them in properly, but it was definately worth it. Crystal clear sound, but now the problem was that I did not have enough power to drive them.
So now I was off to the flea market again the next weekend for another amp. Thought I might just get another 4 channel, just bigger. But I decided, after doing some math concerning the power ratings of the speakers and seeing what was available and at what price, that I could just bridge my Quantum amp to 2 channel (about 150 rmsX2) for the fronts and buy a 2 channel Nitro 2200 (200W RMS x2) for the back. I also got a 4 farad cap, and all my power cables, etc at the same time. Took me about 2 days to get everything hooked up, wires routed, and amps dialed in-but it was sure worth the effort! Nearly to the earsplitting level with no distortion. Only issue I have now is heating of the amps under heavy load, which I will address before summer with the addition of some fans and clearance for airflow.
Only now I miss having subs, mostly to get the car shaking even more and to feel the impact when it's turned up. I have seen several people who installed 8 and 10 inch subs in their trunks, but I figure that's gotta be a waste of time and effort since I don't ride in the trunk! I don't want to lose the back seat, but have the idea to maybe put in an open back sub box in the back seat. The bottom cushion removes with just 2 releases, and the box can be removed if the seat is needed. Advantage to not having a roof in the way!
What I was thinking of going with are 2 Hertz M15 unlimited comp (2000W RMS, 8000pk) and the Hertz MP 15K Unlimited amp. I know this would need at least 1 more alternator, more heavy power wires,batteries, and maybe a 50 or 100 farad cap. I saw the demo videos and was blown away by this setup (2 speakers, 1 amp) registering over 160 Decibles. Not overly sure about this particular amp as it's probably wayyy too much power than I need, and over budget, but maybe....? Also not sure if the speakers are available in the US yet since I only found listings for them in England, Italy, and Germany.
So any feedback would be appreciated! (plus advice on convincing the other half that I "need" more power! :crazy:)

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I didn't even read all of it, but you wouldn't need a capacitor

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and you need to read more on stuff is my guess, just glancing over your post, I think you need to brush up on car audio knowledge

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We all realized capacitors were worthless back in the late 90's Sorry you didn't get the memo on that one while you were away. Also if you shop into some higher end amps you will find some full range class D offerings with top notch sound quality that draw a fraction of the current of the A/B class amps, but will also run much cooler even in confined spaces.

You'll find that adding sub(s) to a convertible will not net you a lot of output since there's no cabin to contain the pressure. Not sure what level it will take for you to be happy, but have reasonable expectations.

Consider a couple of these firmly mounted onto the bottom of your seat(s). Aura AST-2B-4 Pro Bass Shaker | 299-028 (http://www.parts-express.com/aura-ast-2b-4-pro-bass-shaker-tactile-transducer--299-028)

They're quite effective in giving the illusion of output below 60hz and those in addition to a small sub on low power will really feel like you have a lot more. No need to worry about the whole world hearing you to feel like you're really quaking.

You did good on the Hertz components. They make good stuff. The amps are pretty low end, but not complete garbage or fire hazard tier.