View Full Version : new head unit help

05-10-2014, 09:17 PM
Hi all;

I am going to do some work to my 79 series landcruser to make my life a little easier, as its my work car (i am a tradie) I am constantly driving around in my car so what I am looking for is a system that will incorporate my iPhone 5 easily and super easy to use, I would like:

A cradle with the charger inbuilt, saves me plugging the charger in 30 times a day.

Hands free either Bluetooth or aux cable inbuilt into the cradle for easy connection this has to happen through the stereo as the I am a little def and need it up a little louder than the iPhone speaker.

Possibly an external mic I can stick next to me so I am not shouting over the noise of the car and people don't struggle to hear me, if you think its necessary I am not sure how good the mic on the iPhone is.

I have room for a headunit with a screen if necessary 2 spots

any ideas/suggestions are appreciated, i am good with getting a new stereo and i am NOT getting a new phone for all you iPhone haters out there hahahaha