View Full Version : Streetglow Gold Series Neo Blue Neon Underbody Kit

04-30-2014, 01:20 AM
1. Product:

Streetglow GOLD SERIES underbody kit - Neo Blue

2. Specs:

REAL Neon kit comprising of 2 51" Tubes and 2 31" Tubes

3. Description/Condition:

This kit was used on my custom show car and only has a few hours of use on it in total. One of the 51" tubes is brand new (2 weeks old) since the one on the car broke while I was getting it on the car trailer.

It comes with the 4 tubes (2x 51" and 2x 31") and the special transformer that goes with it. Does not come with mounting hardware or extra wire! You can buy those on ebay or your local electrical store for cheap.

SOLD AS IS! Please, look at the pics below to see it working as I will not accept any returns, etc.

4. Price: :

$75 Shipped FIRM!! I paid over $55 the the one replacement tube ALONE! Will also consider audio trades.

5. Pictures: