View Full Version : dd m4 and 2010 Chevrolet z71 extra cab

04-25-2014, 04:08 PM
Ive been involved in car audio since I was 15 I'm 43 now and its more a hobby. For me basic factory stereo just wont cut it. Ive been running a soundqubed 3500. 1 but got a good deal on the dd m4 and I like it. Not to say its really that much different than my soundqubed amp I just dont plan on jacking my electrical up to 16 or 18 volts to really get the benefits that amp has. I am currently running dual alts on my truck with a db 250 amp in the factory location and the extra juice if I need it. And the dc xp270 is dedicated to running my system that way I also get around that aggravating body control module my model trucks have. I have all alpine r components and q forms kick p annels with 5.25 components in them. A boston gt42 is running my mids and highs untill I get my xtant 3300c recapped. A pioneer avic z-3 is my headunit and also have a audio control epicenter . Having a hard time settling on what I want to run for subs right now I have two Rockford fosgate t2d212's and a kicker cvx 15 I was going for four 12's but blew one of my t2's and at that time I had 3 12's and just about got burned by dealer cost car audio when I ordered my 4th 12. By the time I got that straightened out one of the 3 rf t2's had blown and I had the kicker sitting in the basement and threw it in a pro box expecting it to sound like crap but surprisingly it is doing the job right now. Would love to here any input from anyone who has done a strong system in my model truck what sub size i should go with . I have a good enough electrical to run two dd m4's strapped so I'm on the hunt for another and I have a soundqubed 3500. 1 that is for sale or trade towards a m4. Before I ramble on any more glad to be on this forum and have a pretty good knowledge of car audio but definitely dont think I know it all by any means. All ways glad to here any advice or input . I buy and sell a lot of car audio and usually try to keep all higher end equipment. Im in Marietta ga and have a mint soundqubed 3500.1 for someone plus a lot of old school us amps, xtant, orion, mmats and Rockford fosgate equipment.