View Full Version : Looking for the "oomphff" in sound

04-25-2014, 07:05 AM

Just arrived from the Netherlands and looking to find the answer for getting the "oomphfff" in sound.
My car is a "soccer mum's" Seat Altea XL (it's a VW group car) HU is VW mediasystem (Nav and DAB+ system). The speaker system are 2 x 2-way seperate (component) factory standard VW speakers. Just enough for the average man, but not for the music enthousiast.

Besides my every day ride, I do own a fun car too, a '99 Mini Cooper 1.3 MPI :) . Equiped with an old Sony CDX-C780R linked to a Climax Bullet amplifier with Climax 2 way component speakers (amp and speaker were already in the car when I bought the car 8 years ago).

The upgrade for my every day car I have in mind is the following:
Replace the speakers, add a amplifier and add a small size powered subwoofer.
The brands:
Speakers: Hertz (ESK or HSK series) / JL Audio (C3 or C5)
Amplifier: Hertz (HDP-4) / JL Audio (HD600/4) or Alpine (PDX series)
Subwoofer: Alpine (SWE 1200) / Pioneer (TS-WX710A)

Looking forward to your tips and suggestions.