View Full Version : check my math ? port big enough ?

04-19-2014, 10:14 PM
drew up a quick box to slap in the suburban as temporary.
actually plan to build 2 of them for side by side action on a pair of re sx 18 d2 wired to .5 on a og saz1500

hows my port look ? is it enough cu to move air ? and tuned correct ? slash is my box math correct
im always off by a bit somehow when i build so id like you guys to double check for me.

i figured since id have 2 seperate boxes when i finaly build the 4 18 box for perminent in the burb once it gets to that level of build i can use the individual 18s box for whatever. in the garage or slap in someones hatch back car ? but it would be nice to have single boxes ?

any how - hows the math look ? where would you suguest driver placment ? a/b/c ?