View Full Version : SQ HDC4 15" Enclosure recommendations?

04-14-2014, 11:02 AM
I got the sub yesterday and tested it for about 30 minutes in a 3 cube enclosure tuned to 36 hertz on 2k and it was decently loud for 2k but it didn't produce very well below 40 hertz. I know it would do better on more power but I'm limited to 2k right now so I'm trying to make the most of it.

How big should I go and what tuning does it like? Can it be a musical sub below 40 hertz? I have potentially 5 cubes to work with, as I plan on using an external port.

This is going in a Vibe hatchback, so sub up port to the driver side.

Thanks for any feedback.


04-14-2014, 11:32 AM
3 cubes is a bit on the small side for any 15.. Try going larger like 4.5-5 cubes with similar tuning and see how it does.

04-15-2014, 11:10 AM
x2 4.5-5 cubes with the power you have...36hz tuning is fine unless you play a lot of C&S stuff...

04-15-2014, 11:24 AM
id do 4.25cf tuned to 38hz with at least 71" port area, you really need more power.