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04-12-2014, 10:46 PM
Hey fellow enthusiasts, been lurking for weeks. Finally joined.

Anywh*re, I have an American Bass TNT1244, and alpine mrv-m500 amp (561 rms @ 2ohms per birthsheet.) My question is what would be a good recommendation for box size, sealed? The guy I bought it from, a dealer, suggested 1.5-2 cubic feet. If so, I was thinking 1.8 interior volume, after displacement that sounded good to me, but what do I know.

Also I found a local carpenter to build the box, really reasonable rates. I was gonna buy a sheet of 3/4 mdf for build. He offered up a sheet of scrap 3/4 plywood he already has. would that be sufficient?

I'm not new to car audio, just new to custom boxes and such. Help

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04-12-2014, 11:56 PM
Looked around and I couldn't find the specs . Just down load a box builder program put the t/s specs and the program will do the rest pretty much.. I will tell you from the t/s specs looks like a typical ab woofer so a medium ported is gonna blow a sealed outta the water.. Are u space limited?? Since you have a carpenter I would email/call ab get a box design that will fit your vehicle application and have them email the plans to ya. All you need to know from them is net volume, port size and length and you can make the box whatever demension you want. If you have to go sealed really can't go wrong making it a lil big and back filling it as needed. I am anti sealed because of all the obvious benefits you get from ported setups but that's just me..

Is there a reason you want to go sealed over ported??

04-13-2014, 12:07 AM
You can use plywood just make sure it's in good shape and not swelled. I personally like ordering 1" mdf but that's overkill for 1 woofer. So 3/4 mdf 2-3 tubes of liquid nails. Warning after the box is done and in the car you will smell liquid nails for a week or 2 lol it will go away. My wife hates the smell and won't get in any ride I built a box for for atleast a month lol.. It's not that bad but you will smell it.

If the 3/4 ply is furniture grade and in good shape use it if not grab som mdf. Put a little bracing (and account for you bracing in your net volume) in it plenty of liquid nails and I put my screws on 4" centers a lil over kill but you would be suprised how many cheap boxes I've seen rip out the screws over time. And if you have enough ply left over double the face up.

And go ported lol

04-13-2014, 12:13 AM
Yeah, definitely gonna double the face. I'll check out his plywood, but gonna bring the mdf with me just in case.

Not space limited at all, have an 03 mercury grand Marquis (crown vic clone), so I can fit anything back there.

Going sealed because I've never tried ported before. I do plan on having him build a ported box also after the woofer has broken in. If I like the ported, I can sell the sealed at a small profit.

Thanks for your reply. I thought nobody wanted to talk to me, lol.