View Full Version : Need HELP!! Setting up US AMPs 2000x amplifire in my VW Golf 2003 TWO DOOR

04-09-2014, 05:14 PM
So my brother has had this huge US AMP 2000x sitting around in our basement for a while always said he was going to put it in one of his cars, he's got kids now I doubt this Amp is going to be put to use. I thought I give it a try. I just bought a VW Golf Hatchback, I want to change all speakers. More importantly I want subs that will flex my hood....I literally want maximum bass with this amp. Im familiar with this stuff but not to the tech level, ohms etc.... So what do you guys suggest?
Open to anything, just let me know some subs that can handle this amp and what size the box has to be and how i should face the subs and port~~!! Thanks!
3 10" ?
2 12" ?

I'm already leaning towards ported box, I had three JBL 1200 Watts in sealed before wasn't the best for me. I listen to alot of trap, skrilexx, hip hop, r&b, major bass music!!