View Full Version : Subaru Crosstrek...need speakers/amp

04-03-2014, 12:01 AM
Have the head unit covered...Kenwood DDX 470. I'm installing it tomorrow if the harness and dash kit arrive.

Anyways...doors have 6.5 speakers and there's tweets in the dash. I plan to replace the front doors and probably disconnect the rear...at least for now. Not sure what to do with the dash. Not looking for high-end...just an upgrade because anyone that has had a Subaru...you know their stock systems ****! So I'm open for whatever...2 way for the doors, components to utilize the dash space...even 3 ways if they'd be the best option. I'd like to stay around $100 or so for the speakers and then I'd like to find an amp to push them. $300 total.

I still need to sound proof the front doors too. I'm doing the rear as well, but I need to do the car in sections due to cost. I'll probably use the Sound Deadener Showdown method for quieting down my car.

04-03-2014, 09:02 AM
I'll add that I already have an old Clarion amp that pushes 30x2 rms from many years ago when I was into car audio. Not sure if that's worth even using or if I should get a new amp that's putting out more power. I'm selling a couple OEM parts off my new car so I'll have the $300...maybe up to $400 total to spend on new speakers/tweeters and an amp if needed. But I'll need cables and power/ground wire and all that good stuff too.