View Full Version : If somebody could help I would apriceate it greatly !!!

04-01-2014, 09:14 PM
I went ahead and pre ordered the threat con 2 15's
And I've been trying to get help to build the box,
I've built boxes before, been out of the game a bit, but my
Sons getting into it I just need the measurements for the port and
enclosure for these subs, btw he bought a soundstream ta3000
To push these subs.
I measured the interior of my sons focus's trunk
The dimensions are
This is what I got.?
Width 41"
height 21"
I'll be using
Mdf Thickness-.75

Again thanks for the help, Keith

04-02-2014, 04:41 AM
RE AUDIO - Box Calculator (http://reaudio.com/box.php)

You could try that