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03-30-2014, 02:31 PM
First off, this is my first attempt at building a vented enclosure from the beginning to the end. Before, I built off specs for my boxes from a guy I knew in the business but I'm no longer in contact with him so dealing with the tuning of the vent and its variables is new to me. I used the calculators on 12volt.com and Carstereo.com to determine my vent measurements. One question I have is for the vent opening. Is there a general rule or minimum opening width and length to keep port noise down? Maybe I just don't understand what I've found but can't seem to find the answer I'm looking for. I just seem to have a problem with relating the subwoofer spec sheet to calculator to design. I'm attaching the current sketchup model of what I've come up with so far...I may be off a lil on my final box volume but got lost when making corrections and didn't check it. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I want to somewhat fully understand this before I get started. I do NOT want to half *** it!

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Ok, I'm not gonna lie...I posted here looking for "short cuts" with what to do. I had done a lil research prior to the first post and thought I had an understanding of what I was doing...after looking more I believe Im way the hell off. I also realize I may have pissed a few of you off by just posting a "help without research" post but like I said i was looking for a short cut and I apologize for that. Anyways, after some more research I dont think i can do what I wanted to initially so heres my new approach. My dimensions are 50x8x11.5 which puts me at 1.82 Gross. Displacement for the sub alone is 0.12 which leaves me at 1.70. Ive gone back to carstereo.com (is this source reliable?) and seen I needed a minimum area of 28.7 for my vent. With my dimensions I came up with a vent thats 10 high and 3 wide with an overall length of 35.12in. This is all tuned for 34hz with the 1 10" SSA Icon sub. Do I seem to be on the right path now? I think I'm getting closer to understanding this but definitely open to suggestions and any help would be greatly appreciated? Again, thanks for any help!

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How does that look now? Sub and vent location ok?

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:wave:Thanks guys!