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03-28-2014, 01:16 AM
Hello everyone! I just wanted to stop in and say hi before I started posting ?'s in the forum. I'm from Fremont, NE and am married with one child. I just started getting back into car audio and have enjoyed building my own systems and helping friends with there's. Right now I have a 97 Dodge ram diesel turned up to about 350-400ish hp. I've replaced the factory speakers with pioneer replacements and pioneer headunit. I built a fiberglass resin dash center pod that houses 2 3.5" 2 ways driven by a old alpine 20w x 2 amp. I built a sealed mdf sub box that houses a 15" old rockford punch dvc. The box is bolted to the factory center seat brackets and the sub is flush mounted to the bottom pointing at the floor. I had just enough room to fit the 15 inside the 4 seat brackets. I recessed the sub to ensure it would fit and the surround would not rub the brackets. I used 3/4 mdf and doubled it for the sub face(baffle?) to ensure It would be solid and I sunk the bolts inbetween the two sheets so there would be no air leaks around the bolts. I built cupholders into the top of the box because I removed my factory ones from the upper dash and mounted my boost/egt guages there using lexan. They were in a poor location and would spill a full drink on the face of my headunit on turns. I used a roundover bit to round the edges of the box and the inside of the cupholders. I mudded and sanded all imperfections then painted and urethaned the box. the inside is reinforced and has polyfill added. Was running the sub fine for about 2 weeks with a 500 rms alpine amp when I cranked it one morning cold and cracked the cone. It cracked about 2 inches in from the outter edge and buckles when turned up until it gets distorted and the amp goes into protect. I also had the gain cranked on the amp and I'm sure the distortion wasn't good on it either. Again hello and hope ur bass hits crisp and clean!