View Full Version : Best 5.25" Speaker for $$

03-25-2014, 06:04 PM
I am debating by going ultra high end (for me that's $700) or to spend $200-300 for an average speaker set. I have a hard time imagining much difference in 5.25" speakers. I don't mind spending extra money if it brings me enjoyment worth the extra $$$.

Can anyone give me some advice with what 5.25 3-way component set to look for? It's been 15+ years since I was in car audio so I am way out of touch with everything.

I have a PPI 640.4 amp that produces 125WRMS x 4 channels. This is going into a 1994 BMW 325is 2 door coupe. I bought CDT 6x9 subwoofers for the rear. I am running BMW Professional head unit (prefer the stock look).

Optimally, I'd like to get the budget set that makes me feel like I have the $1000 speakers.