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03-25-2014, 12:44 PM
My first post and I figure the best place to have knowledgable people help me make a sound decision, so thank you in advance.

I currently own a 07' Chrysler 300 and I am about to install:
JVC KW-av61bt
Max power out put: 50w x 4
RMS: 20w RMS x 4 channel @ 4 ohms (no more than 1% THD+N)
Amplifier: MOS-FET
Equalizer: 3 band parametric iEQ
Frequency Response: 40-20,000Hz
Load Impedance: 4 ohms (4-8 allowable)

Now, thru various reading and thru past experience in my teenage years, I fully understand 6x9's will never substitute subs (even though my car runs 4 6x9's-doors and rear deck). Given that I'm looking to spend a modest amount of money to upgrade this factory crap, I have a few questions given the choices I will provide.

1. I am looking for the best sound possible with clear highs, mids, and a decent range of "hard hitting" bass...that 6x9s can deliver. Which should I choose?

2. Is it better to go with all the same brand or would a mix of two different brands (2 front and 2 rear) be okay? Again, if that would be optimal to hit different ranges, which should I choose?

3. If going with 2 seperate brands, which should I install in the doors and which to the rear?

4. Which speakers will this HU perform best with?

5. Considering no sub currently, will this HU be able to even tap into the performance these speakers are capable of? Would installing a amp for the speakers be wasteful or beneficial, given if I ever do add a sub it would only be a 8-10".

I cannot thank you enough for the input as I don't know much about the science that is car audio. I want to ball on a budget but get the best performance possible and make an informed decision. Thanks again and here are the 4 different speakers and specs I am considering

JBL GTO938 3-way 6x9
Impedance (ohms): 4
# of tweeters: 2
Frequency Response: 50Hz-21KHz
RMS: 100
Dynamic Peak Power: 300
Sensitivity (db): 94

Infinity 9632cf
Impedance (ohms): 2
# of tweeters: 1
Frequency Response: 46Hz-31KHz
RMS: 100
Dynamic Peak Power: 300
Sensitivity (db): 94

Pioneer TS-A6993r
Impedance (ohms): 4
# of tweeters: 4
Frequency Response: 30Hz-37KHz
RMS: 80
Dynamic Peak Power: 460
Sensitivity (db): 92

Kenwood 6982ie
Impedance (ohms): 4
# of tweeters: 4
Frequency Response: 28Hz-30KHz
RMS: 90
Dynamic Peak Power: 500
Sensitivity (db): 93

Treat me stupid and I may understand ; )...again, thank you all for your input and help!!!

03-25-2014, 01:13 PM
None of your options are very good. And to get better sound from the new speakers you'll need to deaden the doors for one and amp them I would suggest components in the frt doors. Maybe coaxes in the rear doors and subs in the rear deck. If you wanna stuck with 6x9s there are a few companies that make the components and even fewer that still make 6x9 subs. But they are made. But again you'll need to amp the frt and subs at least

03-25-2014, 01:22 PM
Well my 300 came stock with 6x9s in the front doors and in the rear deck, there are no speakers in the back doors. As I said I am most assuredly balling on a budget and the speakers I listed all new to be in my current price range. So, I guess the question is what are some good options for 6x9s comp and coaxial? From your post and skimming others it appears comps front coaxial rear is the way to go. And if I am going to amp them what size amp will I be looking for?

Any recommendations appreciated and thanks for taking the time to read my post. Also, 50-100 is my range for each set. Cheers and thanks

03-25-2014, 01:42 PM
That's a pretty low budget on the speakers As far as amp look for a 4 channel Nothing to big. 75-100x4 rms will be fine tho The infinitys win prolly be your best bet in that low budget

03-25-2014, 01:56 PM
Well considering you have posted in almost every thread I have skimmed thru I will trust your judgement and obtain a lower power amp and go with 4 of the 6x9 infinity. I just want good clean sound with as much knock as a 6x9 can provide.

I guess my last question is can I get component 6.5s and fit them into the front doors or should i stick with the Infin 6x9s all the way around?

Thanks so much for not blowing my post off and acting like the smartest man on the planet. I'm new to car audio and just want to get my feet wet.

I won't be heading to my local car audio shop for a couple days so any other replys are welcome also!!

03-25-2014, 09:05 PM
So I have run into a problem. Apparently Chrysler 300 2007 front door 6x9 have depth issues. I can't for the life of me find what depth is suitable. Anyone out there run into this problem and if so can you recommend a pair that will fit? I have the 2.7 non navi 4 speaker set up.

I decided to go with a brand that I didn't originally list (Polk DB691's) all the way around. But half the sites tell me the speakers will fit the front and half the sites say they won't. Almost inclined to keep the papier-mâché ones in there with the headache finding, what should be, a simple answer is.....what is the max depth allowable?!?!?

03-26-2014, 08:40 PM
T akes the panels off and measure.
I used the Fosgate t1693 6x9s in doors and deck. Incredible sound honestly

03-27-2014, 07:15 AM
Took your advice and took door off and called crutchfield. My 2007 non-navi 4 speaker Chrysler 300 is in fact 6x9 with a depth of ~5 inches total. If the next person spends days looking for an answer and gets the "they are 6x9" "they are 6.5" "they are 6-3/4"....the answer may very well be 6x9 (and in most cases), don't let crutchfield steer you wrong. If you are still unsure pull the panel off and look for yourself.

I can confirm that Kenwood Excelon KFC-X693 6x9s do fit in my vehicle. Great speakers (amped) for the 90-130$ range that do fit!!!

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03-27-2014, 08:26 AM
Haha. Maybe I'll go look that stuff up.

Hope the speakers fit directly. If not there are remedies

Edit: seems you've already installed the speakers

03-27-2014, 08:43 AM
Not installed yet, but I called my local car audio here at the beach to ensure they fit. They said that's a popular model for my style 300 and they install them regularly, so when they arrive and I put them in I'll follow up just so I'm not putting bad info out ala crutchfield.

03-27-2014, 09:12 AM
Not installed yet, but I called my local car audio here at the beach to ensure they fit. They said that's a popular model for my style 300 and they install them regularly, so when they arrive and I put them in I'll follow up just so I'm not putting bad info out ala crutchfield.

dont turn to crutchfield for your needs.... some of the most outdated info and biggest rip offs in the car audio world. For your setup, just grab 4 alpine type R 6x9s coaxials and a subwoofer(if possible) to keep things nice and simple. for a mids and highs amp, would definitely go precision power. either a ppi ion 520.4 or a ppi 900.4. The type Rs deliver the most bass compared to all your choices so far.

Also make sure you fully read this thread (skip to keep hope alive's part) How much midbass you actually get will depend on your install.


03-27-2014, 10:41 AM
Yeah new to car audio and it's sad when a person getting their feet wet can prove a 40 year "expert" wrong.

Funny your bring that up, I almost bought alpine type S or R. They both sounded great but in the end the Kenwoods were a better match for my ears. 7 years on an aircraft carrier make your ears special.

I will be running an amp and sub. I am currently browsing forums and reviews seeking one that will sufficiently power 4 kenwood Excelons X693 (2-130 RMS / 300w peak) and a jbl 1600w series 12 dual voice coil in a ported box (given to me by a friend). My range is roughly 200-300$, but I'm willing to spend a touch more if it will make an incredible difference and ensure the safety of my HU and speakers. I have found 2 that look like they will work:

Infinity Reference 5350a
RMS: 50x4 + 150x1
Peak Power: 89x4
Minimum impedance bridged: 4
Minimum impedance unabridged: 2
Best frequency response: 10-100khz
THD: 1%
Signal to noise ratio: 85db

Kenwood KAC-7005PS
RMS: 40x4 + 300x1
Peak Power: 104x4
Minimum impedance bridged: 4
Minimum impedance unabridged: 2
Best frequency response: 5-50k HZ
THD: 1%
Signal to noise ratio: 80db

Think either of these are sufficient to run my set up without speaker blow outs and sounding nice? As I said just getting my feet wet and trying to learn. I don't mind if the sub doesn't operate at max capacity so long as I can distinctly hear it above my in car 6x9s. Not looking to blow my trunk off, just need enough for personal pleasure. I can go above my price range (200-300) if it ensures safety and clarity. I'm open to suggestion and opinions on current options. Thanks again and cheers!

Not making a new post in the amp section to keep the integrity of the post. Will repost there if I get poor feedback

A quick brief on how pairing amps to speakers and the power needs works would be cool if anyone is bored. I'll skim the amp threads in the mean time.

03-27-2014, 01:26 PM
Redirected the amp topic here for anyone that was following: http://www.caraudio.com/forums/amplifiers/601796-purchasing-my-first-amp.html