View Full Version : Just got a 2002 honda civic coupe need advice on best spl setup possible, box ideas

03-23-2014, 02:27 PM
Will b my first trunk/ coupe car and want to get it loud as a daily driver. Im willing to cut the back deck out if needed, will do anything to improve my spl. The seats do go down so that will open up the airflow from trunk also if i dont cut out deck. Was wanting to go with two 15s if possible or maybe 3 12s, lookin like I can get about 5.5-7 cubes max out of it without cramming it 2 much. Im thnking of trying a few different box designs and port and driver firing directions to see what is best. Would love to hear from anyone experienced with this type of vehicle and what evbody thinks would b best. All responses greatly appreciated!