View Full Version : Aero Port size help

03-18-2014, 12:43 AM
I am running a Re audio Sxx 15 v2, the xmax is 24mm (this thing moves a lot of air) my concerns are port size. The box is 4.8 cubic feet after displacement. It is a customs built box. H-20 W-18 D-30 I've spent hours researching about port sizes shapes etc, and so I bought 2 xscorpion "5inch" ports. I was planning to tune around 38 Hz's and have about 9 sq per foot which is efficient with a flared port. I installed the ports when realized that yes the flare is 5 inches but the PVC is only 4 inches in diameter which makes my port area tiny and makes it about 5 sq^2 per foot I don't get port noise but I can tell the sub would like to move more air because when I roll down the windows it's gets a lot louder... Do you think creating a slotted port with .70 cubic feet would be louder and help with the pressure. I've recalculated the ports tuning with the 4 inch diameter and it's says the box is tuned at 31-33hz I'm wanting to play loud so what's y'all's suggestions on a port size.. The top measures 18 inches wide (port must fire up due to vehicle) please help. This sub should be louder