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03-16-2014, 10:07 AM
This is just a simple head unit install. I made a couple of modifications to make my life a little easier and I'm very happy with the way it came out.

I did a lot of research on stereo installs and asked many questions on multiple forums. I may have gone a little overboard with tools and items that I bought but I wanted to do this right.

I have a 2007 Nissan Altima 2.5S with factory ( non-Bose ) stereo with manual climate controls.

The AUX port on the front of my stereo was a little touchy and would crackle and hiss while listening to my Iphone which ****** on rough roads. The LCD display would act as if in slow motion when it was cold outside and fade out all together when it got to hot. I wanted something better!

I wanted a good but not to expensive double din stereo that

1 - I could sync my phone to for music and phone calls.
2 - Has USB support. I listen to audiobooks on long trips.
3 - Has a touch screen that I could customize to my liking.
4 - Has Pandora controls when synced to my phone.
5 - I could add to later if I wanted ( Sirius/XM , Amplifier )

I decided to go with a newer model Kenwood. The DDX371
Kenwood DDX371 (http://www.crutchfield.com/p_113DDX371/Kenwood-DDX371.html?showAll=N&search=ddx371&skipvs=T)


I ordered from Crutchfield and as such, the stereo came with the additional parts to install

Nissan Altima In-dash Receiver Kit (http://www.crutchfield.com/p_142NN1642B/Nissan-Altima-In-dash-Receiver-Kit.html?tp=3121)

The Metra 70-7552 Receiver Wire Harness (http://www.crutchfield.com/p_120707552/Metra-70-7552-Receiver-Wire-Harness.html?tp=2977) and Metra 40-NI12 Antenna Adapter (http://www.crutchfield.com/p_12040NI12/Metra-40-NI12-Antenna-Adapter.html?tp=2569)


I did not like the look of the Scosche dash kit. It was made of a dull black plastic which did not match my cars interior at all. That is when I decided to do some more research and found a few posts saying that you could get a factory NAV kit from Nissan. The part number is 68260-JA00A. This part will work ONLY if you have the manual climate controls.

I ordered mine from autopartscheaper.com (http://www.autopartscheaper.com/2006-2008-Nissan-Altima-Navigation-Installation-Ki-p/68260-ja00a.htm)

It arrived in a Genuine Nissan parts box.

It may be hard to tell but the Nissan part is textured to match the cars interior perfectly


I picked up a few other items such as panel removal tools, heatshrink, solder etc from Harbor Frieght.
http://i.imgur.com/xbTZk8ms.jpg?1 http://i.imgur.com/9tvVjyts.jpg http://i.imgur.com/8druCp0s.jpg


I gathered up the materials and attempted to solder the wiring harness together.

I learned an interesting detail about myself. I can't solder to save my life. I got it all done but it was messy as hell. At least the heatshrink tubing covered most of it up.

I did not connect the orange 'illumination' wire as the stereo has adjustments of its own. I also connected the blue wire on the antenna adapter to the blue/white 'P CONT' wire from the Kenwood harness. After asking on a few forums I was told that the normal blue wire on a Kenwood harness may not supply a sufficient 12V.

Now to remove the factory stereo


There is a great video on Youtube for the removal of the factory radio here.
Nissan Altima 2007-2012 Car Stereo Removal (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djUg9jPSunM) This video was very easy to follow and I have my factory radio out in a few minutes.

EDIT: I guess I can only include 10 pictures in my post so I will continue this install blog in a comment to this post.

03-16-2014, 10:21 AM
I brought the factory stereo inside to change the climate controls over the the new Nissan dash and to install the new Kenwood

I needed to use the original metal brackets on each side of the factory stereo on the new install so I had to take them off. There were 5 Torx20 screws on each side to remove



I also needed to remove the 2 Torx20 screws at the top of the plate


Once all the screws were out the metal brackets came right off.


After the brackets were out, I removed the climate control module which just involved opening up a few tabs.

Placing the new pieces together was a breeze. The only problem I had was that I could only use 3 of the bracket screws to install the Kenwood. The 4th hole would not line up on either side.

Everything still seemed to come out okay.

Once I had all that secure I wanted to make a change. I wanted to put the microphone from the Kenwood in the faceplate. All that involved was a pilot hole and a 1/2 inch spade bit.



EDIT: I will post a part 3 with the continuation of my install

03-16-2014, 10:28 AM
I like your work bench!

03-16-2014, 10:37 AM
Once the hole was cut I also had to remove the little 'ball' from the microphone so that I could feed the wire through.

I can NOT guarantee that this size hole will work with all microphones. However it was the perfect size for the Kenwood mic included with the DDX371

Now back out to the car


I wanted to feed the rear USB cable from the Kenwood down into the little cubby storage under the climate controls. This storage area has a door and allows me to access the USB cable easily. I did a little research on how to remove the storage compartment and it involved removing the gear shift knob and plate. I really did not want to rip the car apart anymore than I have already so I did a little searching.

I removed the passenger side kick panel

Looking underneath I could see the side of the storage bin. There were a few wires in the way but I thought if I was careful, that I could drill a hole into the storage bin large enough to feed the USB cable through. I didn't want to use a power tool for this so I pieced together this.

I believe it was a 3/4" spade. Using this I was able to drill the hole into the side

It made a little bit of a mess but I am happy with it.

I was easily able to squeeze the USB cable into the storage bin.


After this point the rest of the install was easy. I just had to get everything back behind the new Kenwood and screw it all back into place.

I grounded the black ( ground ) wire and the green 'parking brake' wire to the frame by attaching the wires to the 2 top screws that hold the stereo in the dash.

The only thing left to do was reconnect the battery and play with my new Kenwood stereo =)


03-16-2014, 11:42 AM
that nissan part fits real nice...

04-21-2014, 10:27 AM
Top job on the Alti mate !

04-23-2014, 12:22 PM
I recently bought the DDX371 and i have a 07 altima and this tutorial came in very clutch. thank you for sharing.
question, when you drilled the hole for the microphone, which side of the dash kit did u drill it through - face or back ? or does it not make a difference?