View Full Version : Best Double DIN GPS Head Unit

03-15-2014, 02:46 PM
Hi, I'm looking to upgrade my 2013 Ford Fusion HU with either a Pioneer, Kenwood or Alpine (or something else?) These are the big 3 that I'm most familiar with. I've always been a big fan of Pioneer but every review I've read for their high end HUs are peppered with problems. It seems like all of these HUs from every company have some good reviews and some reviews that say "Stay away from this HU unless you like to pull your hair out" or "The GPS on this HU $uX" type of comments.

I'm willing to spend as much as it takes. I just want something that works really well. For music, I use my iPod Classic loaded with Apple Lossless files. I rarely play discs, so it could be mechless. I guess if it were a DVD player my daughter might use it to watch movies on long trips, but isn't that what laptops are for? I do use Sirius and AM/FM on a regular basis. It must have steering wheel controls, bluetooth for phone. The Ford Fusion has SYNC and I know Kenwood has a unit that works with the SYNC system. That's not a huge necessity but it might be nice. Even though the SYNC system has some significant flaws. The point is, I'd be willing to give up on the SYNC system for something that works better. A well working on-board GPS is very important as well.

I have already upgraded most of the other components (front speakers, added power amp and Subwoofer).

Any recommendations or advice appreciated. Thanks in advance.