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03-03-2014, 03:25 PM
New to forum and would appreciate some input as to a good set of factory replacement speakers in my 03 Sequoia with JBL system (one speaker is blown and time to upgrade). I will be going with an Alpine HU and Kenwood XR-400R amp (bypassing the factory amp completely). I am not going to have any subs as I don't want to take up the extra space required in the back. I have looked on a few didferent sights but can't find a true answer as to what size speakers will fit in the factory door locations. Crutchfield, for instance, recommends a set of 5-1/4" components in the front doors and 6.5" in the rear. I don't want to go down in size as I'm certain someone makes a 6.5" component set that will fit in the front doors and still maintain factory look.

I have have been looking at Polk, Focal, and Alpine speakers but there isn't a dealer with any of these around. I would like to keep the price of the speakers to $600 or under. Are there any out there that will fit my application with good mid-bass (can handle some lows), and tweeters that aren't overly bright (or harsh)? Not stuck on any one brand, just want something that sounds nice without spending a fortune doing it.