View Full Version : HSK 165 Tweeter (HT 25) Issues

03-02-2014, 08:26 AM
Ok, I just got my system professional installed yesterday (20 years around). I have the HSK 165 passive on a JL Audio HD900/5 with the factory head unit (14 accord LX) with the Tweeters Wedge mounted in the doors at the mirror. However, I know there is something wrong with the Tweeter set-up. First they are way over powering. Supposedly they set the crossovers to -2db after I complained which helped some but I can barely hear the front woofers, which sound great. When I do turn the sound up so I can here these woofers the tweeters start degrading which I would expect and of course are way over powering. Is this an installation issue, bad product (They look real but I did buy them online and there is no problem with the woofers), design flaw?

Secondly, everyone just rants how great these speakers are and they do sound great except in the 9k range. The Attack is way to harsh and sharp and I am pretty sure it is not the music I am listening to. I played quite a few songs. Unless most of the songs were badly mixed (and I am just now noticing it but I don't buy that because I have played them on great sounding systems before). Theoretically I could be hearing poor mics and mastering on Snares and highhats. Therefore, unless I have a bad product, I can't understand why people think these sound so great unless I need a 31 or 32 band Eq to fix the problem ( still don't buy it though).

On my phone I did mess around with the 5 band eq and turning the 14k down. along with the treble on the head unit helps some. However, I am destroying some of the refinement that you can her at the 10k to 11k+ range when I do this and it does not solve the overpowering issues.

I don't know can anyone help me problem solve and give me a list of things to check for on tuning? I due have Audio Tools on my S3 with a calibrated Dayton Audio Mic so I can run some signal pictures if that would help.