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03-01-2014, 04:35 PM
Hello everyone. I have a 2014 crew cab SV. It came with the 6 speaker system. The stereo in it is decent, but I have always enjoyed really clear crisp sound. I wanted to keep the head unit. I find it decent, and kind of like the looks of it. I was just wanting to replace the speakers and put an amp in it. Not going to put a sub, not really interested in the boom boom, just clean accurate sound. I am not in a big city, so my choices of audio installers is very limited. I went to one place yesterday, they do handle memphis audio equipment and do installs. I told the guy I did not know how difficult it was to replace the midrange, tweeter in the dash. The truck just has 100 miles on it and was not wild on the idea if them pulling the complete dash out to get to those speakers. I understand you can end up with squeaks and rattles after doing stuff like that. He said the dash does not have to come out, you can just lift those little screen covers and do it. He showed me a 4.5 inch memphis audio midrange tweeter he would put in there. From what I see I do not think that hole is that big.
He showed me a 50 watt clarion amp he would use which was physically small in size. I liked the size of the thing, cause I don't know where you would even mount an amp in the truck. I am not sure if the clarion will be enough. He says it will.
I would really like to just order the other 4 speakers from Crutchfield and unhook those in the dash. Even thought about getting a component system and putting those speakers in the back, and mounting tweeters in the back somewhere. I think it helps the sound to get some type of midrange and tweeter up higher than the standard door mounts. Then just get a 6x9 for the front.
I would like to have that option on the speakers If I knew someone that I trusted to install them. Just hate to buy the components and go to an audio place and pay them just to do the install. Kind of like buying tires and going to a tire dealer and asking them to mount them. If I owned a business I really would not like someone doing that to me.
Just did not have a good feeling on this person at this audio place. He was showing me the Memphis audio street reference line. To tell you the truth I really was not impressed. I saw some 6x9 mclass and had to coax him into letting me listen to those. He did, but he kept pushing the street reference.
I have taken it to the other place in town that installs and sells car audio. He was really trying to talk me into getting the Kenwood excelon Speakers.
I think I would like to have Polk or Infinity, maybe Rockford Fosgate. Have not fully decided.
Wish I could just find someone good at installing. THen I could just buy my components that I wanted, not what the store is pushing, and get what I wanted.
I know someone will say install it myself, the reason I am not considering it is my back is acting up. If I stand or walk far that left leg hurts like hell.
Was kind of hoping someone might have some info on the two speakers in the dash and how difficult it is to get to them, and any other advice you guru's might have.

03-01-2014, 05:28 PM
Longest m f ing post ever :suicide: but if you aren’t going to install the stuff, then you’re at the mercy of someone else. Maybe search a little farther out from where you live. As far as equipment I would switch out the head unit if you’re going to amplify the speakers. I don’t like line out converters, the cheaper ones don’t sound as good compared to a decent h/u. I’ve never tried an expensive one though.