View Full Version : WTT: Eclipse cd8443 for another deck

02-28-2014, 10:30 PM
I love the sound and adjustability of this deck, but I never use CDs, only my phone for music so I want something with iphone 5 compatibility. I know this is an active capable deck, but I'm planning on buying quality components so their crossover should be good.

Gotta have 3 preouts and a decent EQ. Doesn't need to have the 13 or so band EQ this one does in regular mode, but 3 bands isn't gonna cut it.

Single or double din is fine, though I doubt I'll get offered any double dins for the approximate price this one goes for used.

Can add cash on top of mine for the right deck.

Edit: deck is in approximately 6/10 condition. Buttons are showing their age and the face sometimes doesn't close when you put in a cd. Have to push the button to make it close. Doesn't get stuck or anything, just a minor annoyance.

Will have pics up tomorrow when it's light outside. Deck is currently installed.