View Full Version : May be time for a new head unit in my CJ

02-28-2014, 06:48 PM
Greeting from Oregon, the shower me state,
Years ago when I had a '77 CJ5 I had one of these 'bulletproof' Pioneer KP500's to augment the stock AM radio that those years came with;
This thing lasted through countless hours of off road rattling, shuffling and general abuse and when I sold that Jeep it went into the Blazer I got a few years later. I thing it's still lurking in a tool box somewhere. I really liked the Pioneer Supertuner tech as the area I live in didn't have stations I liked so was listening to KGON up in Portland (90 miles distant).

I've stuck with Pioneer since those days and have an old AM/FM Cassette still in my van.

Most recently driving over icy wintry roads I encountered several miles of chop, washboard like vibrations on account of LaGrande's of trucks chewing up the road. This heavy vibration knocked the bobblehead 'Rat Fink' from my dash and zilched the radio Pioneer KEH P3700
to where even at steady state cuts in and out with static. So I reckon it's time to find another single DIN radio that'll fit in that tight space (6 1/2") behind the CJ's dash that is vibration resistant. Anyone know of the latest generation of Pioneer (or other maker) of AM/FM Cassette or CD that can work in these rigs?

From what I've seen I like the features of the Pioneer DEH models (DEH 7500 - DEH 3600) but today I stopped by 'The Stereo Store' (a local shop) and on their wall of sound they had a Kenwood KBC X697
that was on sale for $127 clams and a feature I really liked about that Kenwood was the flap shelf for the CD opening help keep dust and debris out of the mechanism, lacking in the Pioneer. If my resetting of my old KEH brings it back to life (so far so good on a brief drive yesterday) I may hold off on this purchase as money is tight. At least it gives me more time to research and come to a decision.